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About us

What is IMPACTX2050?

IMPACTX2050 is a global platform connecting capital and technology across 3 “IMPACT” industries experiencing unprecedented inflows of tech-led impact investments: Education, Health and Food. Powered by IBIS Capital and Tyton Partners, we provide deep sector knowledge, investment banking and Impact/ESG advisory services globally to boards, industry leaders, entrepreneurs, growth investors and asset managers. Our IMPACTX2050 community shares an ethos of accountability to the next 2050 generation and defines “IMPACT” as Profitable, Sustainable and Inclusive

Insight and Connectivity

  • Corporate Access

    A unique platform to connect Impact Investors (LPs/GPs/ Endowments), Asset managers, industry leaders, Tech Pioneers and Impact Companies, all sharing an IMPACT ethos of accountability to the next 2050 generation .

  • Thought Leadership and Ecosystem Exposure

    Powered by IBIS Capital and our global peer community, IMPACTX2050 connects people, companies and investors operating in the global tech-led impact ecosystem, and curates tech trends, investment opportunities and thought leadership insight through 3 industry-centric event brands: EdTechX (& London Edtech Week), HealthTechX, and FoodTechX. 

  • Research & Insight

    Our research division provides original, fundamental insights and analysis of the global markets, providing deep sector knowledge across three core verticals where technological change can positively impact the wellbeing of all - Education, Health and Food.

  • Capital Raising from Impact Investors  

    Access to investment and capital raising opportunities from impact investors focused on tech-enabled companies operating across the Education, Health and Food sectors.

  • Strategic Advisory Support

    Building and creating value for businesses by providing strategic advisory support on impact investment strategies and best practices, including methodology, assessment, peer to peer benchmarking and more.

  • ESG & Impact Investment Assessment & Methodology 

    Driving positive change across the global tech-led ecosystem through ESG & Impact investment assessment and methodology specific to Edtech, HealthTech and FoodTech.

  • Certification and Professional Development

    Providing opportunities for businesses and professionals to improve quality outcomes and meet industry standards.

  • Global Recognition

    Celebrating and showcasing impactful growth companies and investors through industry-centric award programmes, global summits and networking events bringing together founders, investors, educators and other leaders who each make their mark on the Education, Health and Food technology sectors.