The Future of Chronic Care

Join us at the HealthTechX Summit on 28 February 2024, where an assembly of leading HealthTech entrepreneurs, investors, corporate digital health leaders, and policy makers are gathering to discuss the latest developments in the Future of Chronic Care.

Through a dynamic lineup of keynotes, fireside chats, and panel discussions, HealthTechX will unveil the latest trends and insights, showcasing technology's role in the management of chronic conditions - with the ultimate goal of improving patient outcomes.

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Confirmed Sessions

Beyond the Hype - AI’s Place in Healthcare

In a segment which relies heavily on doctor-patient relationships, AI offers true potential in how healthcare is delivered. How can developments in AI contribute to improved patient outcomes, efficiency of care delivery and better quality of life?

Confirmed speakers: Dr Hugh Harvey (Hadrian Health), Indra Joshi (Palantir Technologies), Pearse Keane (University College London), Paul Wicks (Wicks Digital Health)


The Evolution of Telehealth in a Post-COVID World

The rationale behind telehealth is to lower costs, improve efficiency and increase efficacy in healthcare delivery. Has the sector as a whole lived up to these expectations to provide a truly comprehensive patient experience at home. What innovations can we anticipate from the next generation of telehealth companies?

Confirmed speakers: Sokratis Papafloratos (Numan), Kalle Conneryd-Lundgren (Kry/Livi)


Hospital to Home - Enabling the Continuum of Care

In practice, most chronic conditions require ongoing care across clinical and home settings, but coordinating this care can be challenging for both patients and providers. How can technology bridge the gap to ensure a seamless transition between hospital stays and home-based care?

Confirmed speakers: Tauseef Mehrali (Ada Health)


From Prescription to Prevention - The Challenge of Lifestyle Change

Treating, preventing, and in some cases even reversing chronic conditions often involves recommending "lifestyle changes," a prescription that's simple to give but challenging for patients or even ostensibly healthy people to implement and maintain. How can technology be implemented to help patients and humanity at large make seemingly elusive lifestyle changes, to help them live as functionally as possible for as long as possible?

Confirmed speakers: Matthew Fenech (Una Health), Peter Ward (Humanity), Joe Stringer (Holland & Barrett, Letterone), Jay Shah (Aktiia)


Mental Health and Prevention

Mental health conditions are increasingly prevalent across global populations, and a mismatch exists between those who require care and those who are available to provide it. This panel will explore the technologies which exist to address this care gap and, importantly, to promote mental health in the population at large, to prevent the development of these conditions. 

Confirmed speakers: Miranda Wolpert (Wellcome Trust), Heather Cook (Wellmind Health)


The Efficacy vs Access Axis

If one-to-one doctor-patient interactions are the most effective form of delivery, but technology driven care is the most accessible, how can the healthcare system create solutions for chronically ill patients which are both effective and widely accessible. Are there any true outliers on the axis?

Confirmed speakers: Vishaal Virani (YouTube UK and Ireland)


Cultural Competence in the Digital Age - Bridging Healthcare Inequities

Patients from different cultural, ethnic, and social backgrounds have unique healthcare needs and experiences. The potential of digital technologies in addressing these differences is undeniable, yet they also bring the risk of heightening exclusion among certain populations. How can technology companies bridge inequities in healthcare efficiently without amplifying the health divide further? 

Confirmed speakers: Noel Gordon (Telstra Health), Maxine Mackintosh (Genomics England, One HealthTech), Ben Maruthappu (Cera Care), Dr Martin McShane (Optum)

Hearing from the Investors

Across all investment stages, how are top global investors approaching HealthTech investing in 2024? What makes an opportunity stand out?

Confirmed speakers: Pam Garside (Cambridge Angels), Michael Treskow (Eight Roads Ventures), Julien de Salaberry (Galen Growth)

From Data to Diagnosis: Improving Patient Care Pathways

Diagnostic accuracy plays a crucial role in the quality of long-term patient care; it determines the prospect of designing a tailored treatment plan that effectively addresses the patient's specific health issue. How can technology be harnessed to rapidly and efficiently transform clinical assessments into accurate diagnoses and tangible benefits for patients dealing with chronic diseases?

Confirmed speakers: Michelle Tempest (Candesic), Bjoern von Siemens (CareSyntax)

Strategies for Success - HealthTech in the NHS Landscape

For many digital health companies, understanding the direction of travel of the NHS and how to successfully engage and integrate with the healthcare system in the UK can be a challenge. How can healthtech businesses build a solid success story with the NHS, and facilitate access and scaling of innovative products and services for patients?

Confirmed speakers: Tamir Singer (NHSX), Konrad Dobschuetz (NHS Innovation Accelerator)


Plus more sessions and speakers coming soon!

2024 Agenda


*Agenda correct at time of publication. All sessions and speakers are subject to change.

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2024 Advisory Board

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