Introducing HealthTechX Stories - candid conversations with CEOs, founders, investors, and innovators who are reimagining the future of global health.

These video snapshots highlight stories shared by our engaging guests about their childhood, moments that have shaped their lives, personal perspectives and predictions on the future of global health.

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Bracy Fertig in Conversation with Valentina Milanova

Valentina Milanova, founder of gynaecological health platform, Daye, discusses bridging the gender gap in medical research and innovation. She shares the company's strategy to create truly sustainable products and sheds light on her plans for expanding into other areas of gynaecological health.

Bracy Fertig in Conversation with Tamás Petrovics

Tamás Petrovics, CEO and Founder of XUND speaks to Bracy Fertig about the automation and digitisation of patient interactions, the challenge of maintaining the human touch in interactions between doctors and their patients, and the different ways XUND are implementing their technology within the wider healthcare ecosystem.

Jamie Ritchie in conversation with Dr Ben Maruthappu

Dr Ben Maruthappu, Co-Founder and CEO of Cera sheds light on the story behind this fast-growing digital-first healthcare service providing care in people’s own homes. Hear about his perspective on the role of technology in addressing healthcare’s systemic challenges, and his ambitions to improve healthcare at home.

Bracy Fertig in conversation with Charlotte Barttelot

Charlotte Barttelot, Principal at MMC Ventures shares insights on the data driven trends and changing mindsets she sees positively impacting healthcare and patient outcomes, and what the concept of ‘doing well and doing good’ means when making investment decisions.

Bracy Fertig in conversation with Patrick Short

Patrick Short, Co-Founder and CEO of Sano Genetics joins IBIS Capital Associate, Bracy Fertig in an engaging discussion about his inspirations, Sano's role in precision medicine and the importance of data privacy, transparency and ownership in health research.