Summit Agenda

Theme One

For this 10th anniversary year, the EdTechX Summit will explore the significant shift in the relevance of human skills and learning, where the intersection of human development and artificial intelligence (H-2-AI) is changing the way we live and work. As AI continues to transform industries and societies, it is critical to completely reassess what we need to know in a machine-driven world. 

Join us to discover how the latest advancements in AI are creating opportunities for innovation and growth, and explore the brand-new challenges that we must address through effective human-AI collaboration to ensure a positive impact on the future of work, education, and society as a whole. 

EdTechX will help you navigate this new world and provide you access to the tools, the network and resources to build a future that can harness the potential of generative AI.

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Please note, the agenda is subject to change.
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