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The 2022 EdTechX Startup Award, sponsored by Cooley, is awarded to the education or training company that has shown the most significant innovation and growth over the last year, and with an annual revenue of less than €10M. 

Founded: 2018 | HQ: USA | Website  

ObjectiveEd’s mission is to improve the educational outcomes of students with disabilities. We provide digital curriculum using AI, Interactive Fiction, and Gamification to address the needs of students with disabilities.

ObjectiveEd was selected as the winner of the competition because of their innovative approach to improving reading outcomes, especially for students with reading disabilities, and their enormous potential to use technology to enhance literacy in measurable ways.  The approach is also highly scalable and shows impressive early growth to-date.” - Cooley

The Startup Award runners up for 2022 are Abwaab (Jordan), (Germany), Lifeed (Italy) and Virtual Internships (UK)

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Scaleup Winner Badge
The 2022 EdTechX Scale-Up Award, sponsored by Google Cloud, is awarded to the education or training company that has shown the most revenue growth momentum over the last 3 years. To be eligible for consideration, applicants must have an annual revenue above €10M.

Founded: 2016 | HQ: Austria |Website

GoStudent is an online tutoring platform. We’re in the business of unlocking every child’s full potential by building the #1 global school. We work with families and students across the world to help improve school grades and bridge education gaps through accessible, innovative 1-to-1 tutoring that’s tailored, flexible and affordable.
"This personalized tutoring platform was selected as the winner due to its ability to leverage AI-technologies to support learners, its measurable learning improvements, and the strategic clarity for growth. GoStudent states a projected 700% revenue growth and we're excited to see it unlock further market opportunity moving forward." - Google Cloud

The Scale-Up Award runners up for 2022 are Kahoot! (Norway), BibliU (UK), Labster (Denmark) and Outschool (US)

2022 Scaleup Finalists