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 EdTech | HealthTech | FoodTech

Thematic coverage of 3 tech-led industries experiencing unprecedented inflows of impact investments: Education, Health and Food.

The X Report aims to provide you with a bite-sized summary of what is happening across these sectors. Each month, we will share a snapshot of key trends, showcase the stars of today and tomorrow, and offer our insight on mergers, acquisitions and fundraising.

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X Report - April 2024

IBIS Capital CEO, Charles McIntyre explores the complexities facing international education, and we examine the underfunding of women’s health amid gender disparities and biases.

Plus, market roundups & industry analyses across EdTech & HealthTech.

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X Report - January 2024

In the wake of the toughest funding market in 5 years, IBIS Capital CEO, Charles McIntyre anticipates a cautious recovery in 2024 demanding optimism amid geopolitical uncertainties.

Plus, market roundups & industry analyses across EdTech & HealthTech.

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X Report - August-September 2023

Coverage on STEM education for sustainability and  trends that have redefined the healthtech investment landscape.

Plus, AI in clinical trial protocol design, the future beyond conventional AI, market roundups & industry analyses across EdTech & HealthTech.

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X Report - June-July 2023

A roundup of the 2023 EdTechX Summit, and a venture capital perspective on AI in Healthcare.

Plus, news on the EdTechX Award Winners, how a gynaecological health platform is tackling the gender pain and diagnostics gap, market roundups & Q2 industry analyses across EdTech & HealthTech.


X Report - April-May 2023

 An update on the current state of DTx in Europe, and insight on tech-led Impact Investing in Africa.

Plus, news on the EdTechX Summit theme, the DiGA landscape, market roundups & Q1 industry analyses across EdTech & HealthTech.

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X Report - March 2023

Bo Stjerne Thomsen, Vice-President at The LEGO Foundation looks at what young people envision as important for digital technologies, and Sermo share physicians’ perceptions on the value of ChatGPT in healthcare.

Plus industry analyses on AI in education & the chronic diseases sector, and industry-focused market updates, news & insight.

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EdTech - January 2023

In this issue: Tech-led impact investing and the potential outcomes of the next generation AI. Plus new opportunities for language learners and the latest trends and activities in the EdTech space.

Contributions from Benjamin Vedrenne-Cloquet, CEO and Co-Founder ImpactX2050 & EdtechX | Operating Partner at IBIS Capital and Memrise co-founders, Steve Toy and Ben Whately.

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HealthTech - January 2023

In this issue: Big Pharma - Bridging the Digital Gap. Plus War On Cancer's founding story and patient-centric approach to destigmatise the cancer experience. And, commentary on key public market trends and valuations across digital pharma services.

The X Report brings insight, news & analyses on the global tech-led impact ecosystem.

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