How Can EdTechs Transform Education with AI and Analytics with Google Cloud 

Over the past year, COVID-19 was an unapologetic agent of acceleration, shifting one billion learners from in-person to online learning within two months. During a series of short presentations & interactive Q&A sessions - attendees engaged with Google Cloud experts and partners to learn about trends in education, partnership opportunities, cloud-native solutions. Watch Now >

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How will Remote Teaching Continue Post Pandemic with Wacom 

From techniques to optimise active learning to why certain tools have and have not succeeded; this panel of esteemed speakers will share their experiences as to what solutions will stick and what will be left aside. This Spotlight identified how these pain points came about and what tools helped them succeed and will be continued to be of use post pandemic.

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React - Refine - Reset | How will Tech Shape the Future of Education with Jamf

Due to COVID-19, education has been forced to react in ways we would never have expected. As we progress through the pandemic, schools are adapting to the situation and discovering what works and what doesn’t work, with the aim to refine their learning strategy. As EdTech is providing more solutions and new questions about what education looks like are being asked, is now the time for an education reset?

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US EdTech Investment Trends European Entrepreneurs Need to Know with Cooley

For the inaugural Spotlight Session, attendees learned how 2020 events shaped EdTech investment trends and navigate new trends emerging in the US market. Featured speakers included investors and advisors from Cooley, Pearson Ventures, Bisk Ventures, LearnLaunch Accelerator II, Owl Ventures and Bright Eye Ventures. 

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